In previous posts I’ve told you about the two main types of Social Security Disability benefits:  SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance benefits) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income disability benefits).  SSDI benefits are paid to people who have worked and paid FICA taxes in on their earnings.  Now let’s look at SSI benefits.

People who are eligible to draw SSI benefits are people who have limited income and resources. Generally, people who may be eligible to apply for SSI benefits are people who have never worked, have worked very little, or who have worked off and on.

To be eligible to apply for benefits, your household income and resources must be below a certain amount.

The amount of household income allowed varies depending on :

  • How many people are in your household
  • Whether the income is earned (like wages) or unearned (like disability benefits, retirement benefits)
  • What state you live in

The amount of income can also include food and shelter that is provided to you.

Resources (things that you own) include cash, the amount in checking or savings accounts, property that you own, stocks, and bonds.  The resources for a single person can’t be over $2000.  For a married couple, resources can’t be over $3000.

Once Social Security determines that you meet the above requirements, you are eligible to apply for SSI Disability Benefits.  When you apply your application goes through the same process as for SSDI benefits.  Often people have heard that you can draw SSI benefits while you are applying for SSDI benefits.  This is not true.

If you are found to be disabled, the Social Security Administration will contact you to do an SSI interview.  This interview will determine how much you are able to receive in monthly SSI benefits. Again, the amount that you will receive depends on what other income is coming into the household. As long as you are eligible to receive $1.00 in SSI benefits, you are eligible to receive Medicaid insurance benefits.

For additional information about SSI benefits, follow this link.

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