How We Help

  • Talk with you to decide what type of claim you may qualify for
  • Help you file an application for Social Security disability benefits
  • File an appeal if you have been denied
  • Help you fill out forms the Social Security Administration sends you
  • Order and review your medical records
  • Review your file with you before the hearing
  • Go with you to your hearing

If you are interested in filing an application for benefits, I will be glad to discuss your claim with you to determine what type of Social Security disability benefits you may qualify for.

I will help you file your application or file an appeal if you have been denied.

The Social Security Administration may send you several forms to fill out when you file an application for benefits to get more information about your work history or how your disability affects you. If you need help with these forms, my staff can help you.

If you have to attend a hearing on your claim, we will update your medical records and I will review them. Before your hearing you and I will review your file and discuss what your medical records say. We will discuss what we need to prove at the hearing and what questions the judge may ask you.

On the day of the hearing, I will meet with you again to go over your file. I will go with you to your hearing and help you present your case to the judge.

If your claim is denied by the judge, I will file your appeal.

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