Staff was very easy to work with.  I was impressed with how my case was handled.  Without her I would not have won my case.  She returned my call on a Sunday after I got the letter that I had won the case and went over what [would] happen next.

Tammy L.

Without you, I’m afraid the system would have overwhelmed me . . . . Thank you so much for your help.

Mike K.

Thank you Karen for helping in getting a positive result for me.  You were great to work with.

Richard K.

Wonderful attorney.  Thank you!

Jonah M.

It took a long time but Ms. Jernigan never gave up, even when it seemed we would never get through.  Her vast knowledge and determination made it possible for me to get on with my life after successfully winning my case.  I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to navigate through the complex and confusing Social Security system.

Rhonda R.

Your service toward me was very good. I thank you for helping me to get my disability.

Jeffrey M.

Ms. Jernigan and her staff worked very hard to get the information from the doctors about my condition.  They were also very helpful when I would call to check on the status of my claim.  I would recommend her service to anyone who needed help.  I was very pleased.  Thanks!

James C.

Ms. Jernigan appeared to be genuinely concerned with my health situation and was knowledgeable about my stroke experience.  She got me approved in the minimum amount of time . . . meaning the least amount of time without any income for myself.  I will recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.

Kevin P.

I am so very happy that my disability claim was approved.  I know that I could never have done it “on my own.”  Thank you so very much.  Also, with my dire financial situation, the fact that my claim was approved the first time is truly a miracle to me.  Again, many thanks.

Teresa W.

I was a client of Karen Jernigan. I was quite pleased with her services and she got my disability approved. She was very informative and kept me involved every step of the way. Since I am partially blind, she explained everything that was happening and made things much easier. I would recommend Karen to anyone.

James B.

You were very prompt in arranging our first meeting together.  You went out of your way to come to Maryville to meet me so we could get things done ASAP.  Your [assistant] was very prompt and thorough in getting missed/omitted information from me.  You have been 100% professional and it was a pleasure doing business. What you prepared was approved the first time submitted.

Edwin S.

I was so overwhelmed by all the forms to file and fill out and utterly scared to pieces but Ms. Jernigan and her team took care of everything as well as give me some peace of mind.  Without you and your kindness and compassion I don’t know how I would’ve made it through this whole process.  I tell anyone I can about you. You’ve not only helped me and eased the burden of life for me but you helped my Aunt, who referred me to you. You are now helping my Uncle whom I referred to you.  He’s now more confident than he’s been in a long time. So Thank You with all my heart and my family Thanks you too!  You’re awesome!!  God Bless.

Stephanie C.

I would like to thank Karen Jernigan and her assistants for a job well done and all the hard work they did on my claim.  She was very professional and kept me informed about every procedure that was going on.  So if anyone needs a Social Security Disability lawyer she is the one to choose because I’m going to tell my friends, family, and neighbors about her.  So thanks again Karen for successfully representing me on my disability claim.

Virginia P.

Thank you so much for all you’ve done.  I know that without you I would still be waiting.  Thank you again for all the hard work . . . .

Sheila B.

You did a great job on [my daughter’s] case.  I would recommend you to anyone who needs your services.  Your staff was fantastic – always very professional when I called and very helpful.

Brenda C.

Happy to have picked Karen to represent [my husband] in his Social Security Disability claim!

Margie H.

Having Karen Jernigan as my attorney was the most rewarding experience of my life.  She not only was very professional but also very caring in helping me get my disability benefits.  She and her associates kept me informed as how my case was progressing but also got me my disability in what had to be a very unusually quick [and] short amount of time.  It was an honor working with her and a blessing that I got and needed.  Thank you Karen for all you did for me.

Michele P.

Thanks for everything you did in helping me with my case.  The service was handled in a very professional manner.  Communication was often and very updated.  I felt like you really cared about my case on a personal level, and not like I was just a number.  At court I felt like I was represented by you in the most confidant, professional and respectable way.  Thanks.

Patsy R.

I really loved working with you.  You made it easy to understand things.

Christy S.

[You] are [an] honest, trusting, and good-hearted lawyer.  Thank you for helping me get my disability.

Matthew N.

You are a friendly person I could really open up and talk to.  You knew what you were doing [and] played it straight with me.  Thanks for everything.

Christopher E.

Going to East Tennessee Disability was a Godsend.  Every time I had to interact with the Social Security office (and it was confusing at times) I called Karen Jernigan’s office.  They not only answered my questions and clarified things about the process, they would advise me on what to expect with paper work, medical exams, and other procedures. . . . As a result, I was able to obtain my much needed disability benefits in a short amount of time.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who has become disabled and needs assistance.

G. Fritts

Was a very pleasant experience and would recommend you to anyone.  You were very helpful and patient in answering any and all questions.  And thank you again for all that you have done for me.

James S.

You got the ball rolling for me because if it wasn’t for you and your team I would not have this, and I thank God for letting us meet and for all that you have done.  I can’t thank you enough for helping me.

Terry V.

Very caring and well prepared.  Took time to prepare me for the hearing.  Kept me updated along the way.  Very knowledgeable in Social Security Disability laws.  Extremely easy to work with.

Cathy A.